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How To Improve Your Home's Wi-Fi Signal

Jim Dolanch

Jim Dolanch is a pure professional. Having a family of his own, Jim realizes how important buying a home is to the whole family...

Jim Dolanch is a pure professional. Having a family of his own, Jim realizes how important buying a home is to the whole family...

Sep 30 4 minutes read

If you haven’t noticed, we live In a very technology and internet-driven world. We use the Internet for everything from finding dinner recipes to make a nice home-cooked meal with our families to finding out what the road conditions are like by simply asking a question beginning with “Hey Google….” or “Hey Alexa…” Since we do live in such an internet-driven world, you don’t want to get left behind with a bad Wi-Fi signal! Here are 5 easy tricks to try so that you get the most out of your latest technology.

 1. Location, Location, Location! 

Similar to real estate, the location of your internet router is extremely important. While many people might think the router is ugly and that it should be hidden, it needs to be in an open space. If your router has an antenna it should be straight up and down and as high as possible. Your router also needs to be kept away from walls and the additional things that cause interference like:

  • Magnets
  • Microwaves
  • Cordless Appliances
  • Electric Fuse Box

 2.  Boost Your Range!

Sometimes there isn’t a spot in the middle of your house or room that works best for your router’s location. If this is the case, our source suggests using your everyday items to create a sort of wall around your antenna to keep it from going to the wrong part of the house, like a back corner where nobody is using any devices. Our source suggests using a pot, can or metal bowl to bounce the signal off the antenna and to the desired locations. Some additional tricks that will accomplish this task include:

“using a soda bottle and some tin foil, transforming a coffee can into a Wifi boost or capture broadcasted wireless signal with a. pot or pan”

 3.  Keep It Secured.

If others are stealing your internet that could be why it’s acting so slow. If you don’t have a password, it’s important to create one and one that’s strong (your internet provider should be able to walk you through how to do this).  Another source also suggests that, once you know how to change your password, to update it every so often to keep hackers and thieves away.

 4.  Don’t Be Afraid To Reboot.

Rebooting your router every so often is what helps to keep it from cutting out. Some routers even have an option of attaching an automatic timer so that it goes off and then on at least once a day.

 5. Keep it Up-To-Date.

Finally, if you’ve tried all of the above and are still getting slow speeds perhaps it’s time to update your equipment. Our source states that if you have routers that include wireless A, wireless B and wireless G they are outdated because the new versions have wireless N and wireless AC.

We are not technology experts, but we are real estate experts! We know that your home is one of the biggest purchases of your life, so we want you to get the most out of it. If you are having trouble with your Wi-Fi I hope this blog helped! And if you are looking for a new home, we can help!

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