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How To Make Your Summer Houseguests Feel at Home

Jim Dolanch

Jim Dolanch is a pure professional. Having a family of his own, Jim realizes how important buying a home is to the whole family...

Jim Dolanch is a pure professional. Having a family of his own, Jim realizes how important buying a home is to the whole family...

Sep 30 5 minutes read

One of the many joys of owning your own home is being able to have friends and family stay over. Summer is a great time to do that! Summer is often a time where people plan vacations, so you might find yourself hosting a friend or family member at some point during these warmer months. Hosting a visitor for a night or a few days doesn’t have to be stressful. As your number one Pittsburgh real estate resource we want to make sure your transition into homeownership is a smooth one. So here are 5 ways to make your summer houseguests feel at home in your new home!

5 Ways to Make Your Summer Houseguests Feel Comfortable:


1. Offer A Clean Space.

Of course, you’ll want to show off your new pad, but make sure it’s in a good condition to do so!  Clean, clean, clean! Sometimes if we have extra space, like a spare bedroom for example, it can turn into a storage room for extra stuff. It’s time to clean that out so your guests don’t feel as if they are intruding. Make sure you clean your entire house, but especially that spare bedroom. Don’t forget to provide freshly washed sheets on the bed or air mattress or couch (but it’s better if they have a bed or air mattress) and make sure they have fresh towels as well!

2. Offer The Essentials.

As mentioned a bed in their own room is preferable for any type of guest – whether they are just staying for the night or they are staying for a few days. While hopefully they are there to visit and spend some time with you, they’ll also want a space for some alone time. Our source even suggests providing a “reading nook” for them with a comfortable chair and desk. Giving them a desk will allow them a space to continue planning their trip in privacy. However if you don’t have the space for that some essentials to make sure that they have during their stay, according to our source, includes:

  • A bed or air mattress
  • Clean sheets and towels
  • A nightstand and reading light (within close distance to an outlet for phone chargers)
  • Toothbrush and toiletries (in case they forgot to pack something)

3. Offer Local Insight.

While some of their time at your house will be spent with you, they might want some time to explore the greater Pittsburgh area (or wherever your home may be) on their own. After all you still might have to go into work while they are there if you did not have time to call off for a “staycation” with them. If that’s the case it might be thoughtful to provide them with a list of things going on in your area during their stay. Or perhaps a book of local area attractions that tourists love to visit. However, it’s also important to not over-schedule them. It’s their vacation so while it’s good to provide them with some insight, you don’t need to plan every hour that they are visiting.

4. Offer Relaxation.

Finally, throwing in some final touches to make them feel relaxed is always a good idea. Our source suggests offering a one-size fits all robe and some throw-away slippers to make them feel more comfortable. Robes can take up too much space in luggage and they might not feel comfortable walking around in whatever they wear to bed. Similarly, they might not feel comfortable walking around somebody else’s house barefoot as well, even though you hopefully did step one and cleaned! Offering a robe and slippers and even some books for them to relax with shows them that you are really ready for them and took their needs into consideration.

5. Offer Some Final Touches.

It also doesn’t hurt to buy some local flowers for whatever room they are staying in. It’s a final touch that’s sure to bring a smile to their face, because who doesn’t love flowers! 

When inviting people over it’s important to remember the old cliché – 

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Think of what you might like at somebody else’s house while on vacation and offer it to your summer houseguests. We hope this list has you ready to take on any summer houseguests this summer. Hopefully, if you do it right they won’t hesitate to come back and stay with you again!

Have we enticed you into buying a home?

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Offer Local Insight!

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