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What is the True Value of Your Home?

Sell Your Home for the Most Money Possible...

...As Soon as it Hits the Market

Today's buyers want a "move-in ready" home. They want to close the deal, and go shopping at Target the very next day. They don't want to be pulling up your dirty carpet or replacing your old countertops. Since buyers will pay MORE money for a home that's updated, it makes financial sense to upgrade certain features of your home...But you don't want to hassle with contractors or invest thousands to get the work done. So we created a Done-For-You program that gets the work done without any up-front investment from you. Yes. You heard right. No fee. No interest. Just better.

But why would we do this? We've seen too many people make the mistake of trying to sell their home without making key updates buyers care about the most. After months on the market, and rejecting the 'extremely low' offers... ...the homeowner typically resorts to dropping the price by $10-20,000 to get it sold. Those price-drops are more than it would've cost to make those updates. Learn a little more about the details of our home enhancement program, and let us know when you're ready to get started.

Selling with a Few Key Improvements

When sellers take the time to make a few upgrades to their homes before selling, here's what can happen:

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    Sell much quicker, for higher profit
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    Recoup the cost of upgrades
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    Attract multiple offers

Selling without Improvements

If sellers choose to sell their home as is, here's what they can expect:

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    Walk away with less money
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    Endure 'months' of showing
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    Find the next home while stuck with the old one

So, How Does it Work?

The Home Enhancement Program

First we show you exactly which improvements to make. We hire the contractors, and once you approve the estimates, we get the work done. We pay them for the work, and get reimbursed at the time of closing. It's all done for you. No money out of pocket. No hassle. ...And you make more money on the sale of your home than you could otherwise.

Next step? Let's talk!

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All it takes is a few upgrades to take your home to the next level. If you're ready to get started, just give me a call or send me an email at jim@jimdolanch.com with "Home Enhancement" in the subject line. Let's meet your selling goals! 

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