The Reality of Listing

For Sale by Owner

The perceived benefit of listing your home as For Sale by Owner (FSBO) is that you'll save money by avoiding the brokerage fees associated with partnering with a professional Realtor—yet only 16% of all homes on the market each year are listed as FSBO. Although you might think more Pittsburgh area sellers would list FSBO to save on brokerage fees, the reality is that FSBO listings actually sell for less on average than those listed by Realtors. 

While listing with a real estate agent does come with commission costs, these costs pale in comparison to the superior value Realtors bring to the table—which explains why only three out of 10 FSBO sellers said they would list by themselves again. To prevent you from making the costly mistake of listing FSBO, and to explain exactly what a Realtor does to receive their commission, we're here to share why listing with an agent is the lucrative choice!

Our Realtors: The Unrivaled Sellers 

Uninhibited Exposure 

When an individual agent lists a property with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), thousands of prospective homebuyers have access to the listing. On the other hand, the scope of FSBO listings is often limited to local classifieds or people riding by the "For Sale" sign in their front yard. Plus, Realtors double as seasoned marketers, which means they can strategically place your home in the sightline of the right buyers. 

Hard-Earned Commission 

With commission costs being the primary reason for sellers choosing to list FSBO, it's important to understand the additional services agents provide to earn their commissions. Here's a sneak peek at the difference working with an experienced Realtor can make throughout the home-selling process: 

  • Accurately value your home so that you can list it at a competitive price, in addition to comparing its value to sold data in the surrounding area.
  • Help you with contingencies and contracts while also ensuring your best interests are represented at the negotiation table.
  • Use their in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market to attract qualified buyers and earn the highest returns on your investment.

Dedicated Time 

In most scenarios, FSBO sellers have careers aside from playing part-time real estate agent, so they simply don't have the adequate amount of time to commit toward the home-selling process. However, buying and selling homes are a Realtor's full-time job—and believe us, time is more valuable than ever in a fast-moving market. And in an industry that's constantly changing, the experience of a real estate professional will keep your head from spinning!   

Ready to Work with a Realtor?

For most people, when they truly understand all of the benefits of working with a real estate professional, they are more than happy to pay the commissions that Realtors earn through the hard work they dedicate to your home sale. With a decision as important as selling your home, you deserve to have a team of passionate agents supporting you—contact The Jim Dolanch Team to learn how we can make a difference in your real estate journey!

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