About Us

Meet the Jim Dolanch Team

The family atmosphere in the Jim Dolanch Team is evident in everything they do.

Because family is the most important quality in this team, it naturally transcends into their work. And that’s just how they like it.

Jim Dolanch and Team are experts in their fields and this means they will help you make the best decisions for your Pittsburgh real estate transactions. Having a team of experts means getting combined experience from dedicated business professionals, an obvious advantage over a single realtor any way you look at it.

The Team Concept

Jim Dolanch and Team ensure that all the details from contact to closing are handled personally and professionally. They are the best people to ensure a smooth, successful real estate transaction. It’s that simple. You get the expertise of a Pittsburgh team of real estate professionals instead of only one. We specialize in what we do because each of us would rather be a “Master of One” than a “Jack of all Trades.” This way you get the best possible service available. As you can see, Jim has assembled an elite team that makes every effort to provide the best possible services to you, each and every time. Contact us to have one of our experts get in touch with you—assuring you the most enjoyable real estate transaction you’ve ever experienced. Welcome to the “family!”

Jeanne Broglie

Team Administrative Assistant, Licensed Salesperson

Heather Onuska

Client Relations Consultant, Licensed Salesperson

Angie Peyton

Buyer & Relocation Specialist, Licensed Salesperson

Debbie Pomposelli

Buyer, & Relocation Specialist, Licensed Salesperson