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Imagine a realtor whose earliest memories are steeped in the language of homes, markets, and buyer-seller dynamics. For Jim Dolanch, real estate is not just a profession; it's a lifelong passion nurtured at family dinners and refined through years of dedicated study and practice. At Kent State University, Jim's destiny became undeniable. The world of real estate, with its complexities and opportunities, was his to master. 


Team Leader, Associate Broker, GRI

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The Jim Dolanch Difference

More Than Just Transactions

As the leader of Pittsburgh's premier real estate team, Jim Dolanch brings something to the table that few can—a heritage of trust and expertise honed over three generations. His innate understanding of the Pittsburgh market, combined with a relentless dedication to his clients, makes him more than just a realtor. Jim is a lifetime advisor, guiding you through every step of your real estate journey with wisdom passed down through generations.

Why Jim Dolanch?

A Personal Approach to Professional Real Estate: Whether you meet Jim in his office or across community events in Pittsburgh, you'll find a consistent truth: Jim is as genuine and committed in his personal life as he is in his professional endeavors. Jim understands deeply that buying or selling a home is a monumental, emotional experience. With Jim, your investment is personal, and every decision is made with your best interests at heart.


Three Generations of Real Estate Excellence

Jim's legacy is not just in his name but in the trust and success stories of families across Pittsburgh.


Unrivaled Knowledge of Pittsburgh

From historic streets to emerging neighborhoods, Jim's expertise encompasses every corner of the city.


Commitment to Lifelong Relationships

Your journey with Jim doesn't end with a transaction. It begins with one.

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Jim Dolanch: A Pittsburgh Real Estate Legacy

For three generations, the Dolanch family has stood as a pillar of real estate expertise in Pittsburgh. Jim, inheriting this rich legacy, has woven his profound knowledge of Pittsburgh's every corner into the fabric of his professional career. His life's journey, intertwined with the city's streets, positions him uniquely. He doesn't just know Pittsburgh; he's a part of its past, present, and future.

This deep connection makes Jim unparalleled in the real estate realm. His clients don't just return for his expertise; they come back for the trust and reliability that Jim represents. With Jim, you're not just choosing a Realtor; you're choosing a partner whose dedication to Pittsburgh and its people is unmatched.

What Clients Say

You don't just have to take our word for it—here's what past clients have to say about their experiences working with Jim Dolanch. 


Jim was absolutely great to work with! Between his expert knowledge and incredible work ethic, he doesn't miss a beat! I won't even consider recommending anyone other than Jim Dolanch for buying or selling a home because there is just no one better!



This is the second time I've used Jim and his team to sell my house and in each case, his advice has been spot on and the service provided by Jim and his team has been exemplary. Highly recommended!



Jim knows his area well and is extremely helpful and flexible! He has helped my family buy and sell many properties over the years. He is also accompanied by a team that is just as knowledgeable in the area.


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