Three Generations Worth of Experience Makes This Man the Natural Choice

About Jim Dolanch

When Jim Dolanch used to sit around the dinner table, bored to tears, his family would be discussing their days at the office. Jim would fidget in his chair hoping the conversation would wind down in time to get outside and throw the ball around with his father before sunset. But, since his Father, Mother, Sister and Grandfather were all in the same business you can imagine there were times when a little boy like Jim could grow impatient waiting.

At home or at work, family is always Jim’s main concern.

So Natural to Him

The funny thing is, years later, when Jim was in college he began to view those dinner conversations a little differently. It happened kind of slowly at first. There Jim was sitting in on his first real estate class at Kent State University and he was hearing the same things all over again. Lectures on the local market, interest rates, points and escrow all seemed embarrassingly remedial to Jim. “You know, I don’t want to say that those college courses were easy because I learned a lot,” Jim says, “yet, the truth is I’d heard all of this before, from my family, just about every day of my youth. The whole thing seemed so natural to me.” After all, Jim’s family has been widely regarded as the experts here in the South Hills real estate market for three generations.

A Unique Understanding

Jim is also referring to his own career as a real estate professional here in the South Hills. All those years listening to and learning from the best gave him a unique understanding of just how important an investment a home is to a family. And, settling down with a family of his own, Jim also realizes exactly how important an investment a home can be, not just emotionally but financially as well. It was obvious to him, how a real estate professional should be a resource for life not just one transaction.

That’s why he always takes the time to find out exactly what his customers are looking for in their transactions. Then, he uses the knowledge of three generations worth of experience to formulate a specific plan geared to achieving results for your individual goals. It’s just something that Jim values very much himself, and when it’s this important to him you can count on him doing his very best for you as well. He just would not settle for anything less from himself.

A Family Matter

So, if you are interested in buying or selling real estate anywhere in the South Hills or even if you simply have a question about the process, giveyour Pittsburgh real estate specialist, Jim Dolanch a call today. Find out for yourself what it’s like to work with the only real estate professional in town who views every transaction as a family matter.