Verdant Nature Parks

Pittsburgh may be a large metropolitan area, but city is enhanced by flourishing green spaces, woodland areas, and vivid forestry. There's no lack of public parks & recreation in Pittsburgh, which is all the more reason our residents adore the illustrious city. 


Overview of Green Space in Pittsburgh

Highland Park

During the spring and summer, Highland Park is flourishing with roses and wildflowers. In addition to walking trails in the park's wooded areas, there is also a swimming pool, tennis courts, and volleyball courts onsite.

Riverview Park

Riverview is a public park that provides every activity you could imagine. Trails are open to novice, intermediate and expert hikers for those who enjoy nature hikes and scenic strolls. Riverview also hosts horseback riding lessons in addition to a 5,400 square—foot swimming pool, space aged—themed playground, and a peaceful church turned picnic area. 

Falls Run Park

Did you know that you can find waterfalls in Pittsburgh? Falls Run is a small, quaint park with 1.5 miles of running and hiking terrain. Perfect for photography, Falls Run guides you to a beautiful waterfall that cascades over a charming rock formation. 

Evergreen Community Park

Evergreen is a beautiful, scenic park full of glistening ponds, lush greenery, and vast woodlands. Evergreen is a peaceful and relaxing nature spot, perfect for photo opportunities or to setup a picnic. There are several sports recreation areas in the park including a tennis court, baseball field, soccer field, volleyball net, and two basketball courts.

Frick Park

Frick Park is an urban public park that's close enough to town but scenic enough to give you an authentic nature feel. Known as the largest municipal park in Pittsburgh, you can find miles of hiking trails made for running, cycling, and trekking here. Frick Park is located right near Squirrel Hill and Point Breeze. 

Point State Park

One of the most popular public parks in Pittsburgh, Point State hosts some of the biggest events in the city. When it's not occupied by festivals, concerts, and live events, Point State Park boasts excellent views of the city and three rivers. Visitors enjoy running, biking, or enjoying a quiet walk by the water. 

Beechwood Farms

Beechwood Farms is a small nature preserve located in Fox Chapel. With tons of picturesque views and easy hiking trails, visiting Beechwood Farms makes for the perfect leisure activity. You can also see beautiful wildflowers in the spring and summer season, as well as wildlife in the park's natural pond.

Schenley Park

Home to the city's hidden lake, Schenley Park is a Pittsburgh must—see. Popular among university students, nature lovers, business people, and families, Schenley Park is a beloved community in Pittsburgh. The public space also holds annual events and live performances such as the Vintage Grand Prix.

Find Your Dream Home in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh offers a perfect balance of municipal entertainment and outdoor recreation. If you're looking for insider info on the area, or have any questions about buying a home here, feel free to reach out to us any time!