Top-ranking city for healthcare

Pittsburgh is home to dozens of prestigious medical facilities, hospitals, and universities. The city is known to be one of the top 50 cities in the United States for healthcare, with anything from Level 1 Trauma Centers to speciality clinics, and everything in between. A number of talented doctors and experienced medical professionals reside in Pittsburgh and bring the best skills to the city.  


Overview of Healthcare in Pittsburgh

Allegheny General Hospital

Operating since 1886, Allegheny General Hospital leads the best hospital systems in Pittsburgh. This decorated facility is located on East North Avenue, and covers a wide array of specialities such as psychiatric, cardiovascular, neuroscience, and women's health. Several top—notch doctors and surgeons occupy the establishment.

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh prides itself on its innovation in the world of childhood conditions and diseases. A center of education for new and upcoming doctors, UPMC hosts doctors and medical professionals with cutting-edge strategies. UPMC ranks in the top list of hospitals in the U.S. News & World Report and Honor Roll of Best Children's Hospitals for 2022-2023.

St. Clair Hospital

A member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, St. Clair provides nearly every treatment and specialty there is. St. Clair is reputable for its exceptional customer satisfaction and comforting, nurturing nature. The hospital values patient care on all levels, no matter what type of case it is. The staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled in a diverse range of specialities.

Pittsburgh Center For Functional Medicine

Pittsburgh Center for Functional Medicine is Pittsburgh's pioneer of functional medicine. The facility's mission is to help prevent and treat complex chronic medical problems at the root cause level. Pittsburgh Center for Functional Medicine closely studies imbalances in the genetic, environmental, physiologic, lifestyle, social areas that could contribute to health and wellness challenges. 

Case Specific Nutrition

As the name states, this superior nutrition facility believes that each case is different—and should be treated that way. Rather than one general strategy, Case Specific tailors and customizes a plan that fits each patient's needs according to their unique set of attributes. With 5 different office locations and a brilliant team, Case Specific Nutrition is the place to go for any of your nutritional needs. 

Caring Hands Pediatrics

Caring Hands is an expert level pediatrics facility with a gifted set of professionals. The group at Caring Hands Pediatrics don't just treat patients as quick as possible, but they know how to work with children in the most compassionate, comforting way. The practice is embellished with art, children's activities, and bright colors that create a non-hospital feel. 

UPMC Mercy

UPMC Mercy is Pittsburgh's first—ever established hospital, operating since 1847. The health center is an extension of the Catholic health care ministry open to everyone in the tristate region. UPMC Mercy is dedicated to to providing patients with convenient services, comfortable accommodations, and compassionate care. 

VA Pittsburgh Medical Care

VA Pittsburgh Medical Care employs an accomplished and renowned staff in the area of Veteran's Health. The team at VA Pittsburgh are thoroughly experienced and guided by the needs of Veterans and loved ones. With two different locations and a diverse set of veteran patients, VA Pittsburgh is committed to improving veterans' quality of life. 

Find Your Dream Home in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in the country for healthcare, with a number of outstanding facilities, hospitals, and independent practices. If you're looking for insider info on the area, or have any questions about buying a home here, feel free to reach out to us any time!