Pittsburgh Helpful Moving Tips

Plan Your Move Ahead of Time

Planning your move a month or two ahead of time will ensure everything is smooth-sailing on moving day. Be proactive in packing up your belongings and contacting the moving company. During the planning stage, be sure to…

  • Stock up on packing materials—boxes, tape, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap are all packing staples.
  • Be selective about what you pack—you don’t want to bring any excess clutter to your new home. Host a yard sale, or consider donating any unused items to a local charity.
  • Thoroughly review all moving documents—before signing any documents from professional moving companies, make sure to read the fine print.

As Moving Day Approaches

There are specific things to keep in mind while packing up all your belongings into boxes. Don’t forget to…

  • Label EVERYTHING—you want the unpacking process at your new home to be even easier than the original packing process. Consider labeling each box by the room it belongs to.
  • Set aside important items—it’s easy to get caught up in the shuffle of a move. Place your most essential documents, including passports, social security cards, and medications in a special spot to ensure you know where they’re at all times.
  • Save fragile items for last—take the time to wrap glassware and other breakable items in bubble wrap, towels, or thick clothing for extra protection.

During the Move

The big day has finally arrived, and you should be more excited than ever—not flustered. To stay cool, calm, and collected during the move, be sure to…

  • Prepare an “essentials bag”—if all else fails, you want to have a bag prepared with all your most important personal items, including a change of clothes, paperwork, and a phone charger.
  • Designate an “open me first” box—pack items that you’re going to need right away when you arrive at your new home in this box. These items could include toilet paper, instant coffee, and even an inflatable mattress in case you beat the moving truck.
  • Wait to unpack—in addition to soaking up the initial sweet moments in your new home when you first arrive, you should take the opportunity to clean it while it’s empty.

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