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10 Common Seller Mistakes

The Jim Dolanch Team wants to capitalize on the time period as soon as your house hits the market! Your Pittsburgh real estate specialists want to take advantage of a home that has just come up for sale, as it gets more attention within the first two weeks than any other time. So, here are a few of the no-no's you want to avoid to optimize the time your home is placed on the Pennsylvania MLS.

Mistake #1

Over pricing their home

Mistake #2

Not allowing their home to be shown.

Mistake #3

Not keeping their home clean and in good showing condition.

Mistake #4

Not leaving their home during a showing.

Mistake #5

Talking to the buyer or buyer’s agent and giving wrong information or wrong impressions.

Mistake #6

Panic selling, I’ve got to sell my home now!

Mistake #7

Not seeing their home through buyer’s eyes. “My home is the best in the area” syndrome.

Mistake #8

Believing an open house will sell their home.

Mistake #9

Demanding their realtor change how they market their home instead of relying on the realtor’s experience and expertise.

Mistake #10

Choosing the wrong realtor.

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