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South Park, PA Area Information

South Park is a popular community in which to live in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Located in the southern part of Allegheny County, South Park Township had a population of 13,416 as of the 2010 census.

Perhaps South Park is best known for the county park with the same name that covers a large part of the 9.2-square-mile township. This incredible park provides residents with a plethora of recreational amenities, such as:

  • Ice skating rinks
  • Tennis courts
  • Roller hockey rink
  • Golf course
  • Picnic areas
  • Shelters
  • Playgrounds
  • Ballfields
  • Summer concerts
  • Horse-back writing
  • Walking and biking trails
  • Wave-action swimming pool
  • Dog park

More on the History of South Park

South Park was created using part of the St. Clair and Jefferson townships in 1845.

Originally known as Snowden Township after prominent businessman John M. Snowden, the community was later named South Park after the immense success of the county park.

The area was originally settled in the mid-18th century and was actually the site of the Oliver Miller Homestead, which is where the first shots of the Whiskey Rebellion were fired.

The log house of that historic event was originally built in 1772 but was later replaced with a stone building around 1830. That structure is still open today for public tours.

South Park Living

South Park is home to six distinct neighborhoods:

Curry. Located on the northern end, Curry is a mix of residential homes and a small commercial area. The old Broughton Elementary School is located here.

Broughton. Sharing its borders with Curry and further extending down Brownsville Road, this neighborhood is mostly residential with a few businesses, gas stations, and eateries.

South Park Heights. Located in the center of the township, South Park Heights is all residential homes. South Park High School and South Park Elementary Center are located in this community.

Snowden. Located in the southeastern corner of the township, this rural area has some homes and farms. Originally, this community was a small mining community but was then absorbed into South Park.

Piney Fork. This south-central part of South Park is a large residential area with a few small stores and restaurants.

Library. Previously known as Loafer's Hollow, this large neighborhood of South Park is a mix of residential, commerce, and industrial areas.

South Park. This is the actual county park and it’s considered the sixth neighborhood of this community.

School-aged residents living in any one of the neighborhoods of South Park are served by the South Park School District, which includes an elementary school for grades K-4, a middle school for grades 5-8 and a high school for grades 9-12.

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