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Area Information on Upper St. Clair, PA

Located in Allegheny County, Upper St. Clair is a township with about 19,220 residents as of the 2010 Census.

Conveniently situated just 10 miles south of Pittsburgh, this Pennsylvania community is well known for its nationally-recognized public school district.

Upper St. Clair Living

The first European to settle in Upper St. Clair was John Fife around 1762. His settlement was actually near where Washington and McLaughlin Run roads sit today.

Overtime, the area was named St. Clair Township in honor of General Arthur St. Clair. The general gained fame during the Revolutionary War and also served as the 9th President of the United States in Congress Assembled.

St. Clair was actually one of the original townships of Allegheny County when the county was created in 1788.

Eventually, the community was divided into separate townships: Upper St. Clair and Lower St. Clair.

Throughout the 1800s, the community was home to several mines.

In 1973, Upper St. Clair Township adopted a home rule charter. The charter, which took effect in January 1976, means that the community is no longer governed by the Pennsylvania Township Code.

Today, the community is bordered by a number of townships, including:

Upper St. Clair is also home to Upper St. Clair High School, which is nationally recognized for its cutting edge approach to education.

Some amenities located within and around Upper St. Clair include:

  • Upper St. Clair Community Recreation Center
  • St. Clair Country Club
  • Boyce Mayview Park

Perhaps it is the combination of fine recreational amenities and quality public education that earned Upper St. Clair a ranking in U.S. News and World Report’s top 10 best places to live in the United States for 2009. 

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